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Fly in - Get Married - Fly Out - Same Day

Drive In - Get Married - Drive Out Special - $300.00

The state of Florida makes it very easy for couples to fly in for a beach ceremony.   You fly in, get your license, get married, fly out, all on the same day.  I can meet you at the airport.  We can go either to a park, or a beach or other location like a local park to perform the ceremony.  Simple, fast, easy if that is what you want.  I email you some of my ceremonies and personalize one as you wish.  We do not meet before the ceremony. We can make this special!  This is available for all couples who are in a hurry without the fuss of a big fancy wedding.  Military couples where a spouse is leaving soon for overseas duty are offered this service with a $50 discount.

Let me know - let's do it!

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