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Welcome to the home page of Maureen Ahern Davis  Wedding Officiant and Nondenominational Minister located in Port Saint Lucie, FL on the Treasure Coast.   I am here to serve as your officiant on your special day.  I have different ceremonies that you can choose from, and I can customize the ceremony to your wishes.  My motto is:  Your Ceremony, Your Way.  I give you the ceremony that you want to have.  Whether it be fun, frantic, whimsical or serious, I do it your way.  I am not a by-the-book stern type of officiant.  I believe that on this very special day, it should be what you want.  I will help you produce this by offering different ceremonies to choose from.  I will research ideas that you may have to make it different from anyone else's ceremony.  If you have seen something at a ceremony you attended, let me know, and we will make it happen.

On your wedding day, when you're standing before family and friends, facing each other for the most important event in your lives - at that moment - the wedding officiant you want is someone you trust and feel good about.  The wedding ceremony is such a powerful and deeply personal event.  In such a special moment, the person presiding can make all the difference.

From me, you can expect: a high level of professionalism, a cheerful, friendly manner which is reflected in the joy that I bring to my work; reliable, and on time arriving in plenty of time to take charge and provide leadership for your wedding day.  I bring a calming and reassuring manner with the ability to make you feel at ease.

My approach is to help you get married or to confirm your love by a Commitment Ceremony or vow renewal that celebrates the commitment between two people who love one another, by reflecting the values, beliefs, and meaningful aspects of your relationship.  It is important that your ceremony be an authentic expression of you as individuals and as a couple, and I will assist you every step of the way.

I am here to help you celebrate your love and commitment, and will do so in a manner that brings the most meaning and joy to your ceremony. 

Explore my website, or contact me with any questions that you may have.  My phone number is: 772-323-0945 in St. Lucie County.

Congratulations to you on your special day - let me help make it the ceremony of your dreams!            

 Service area:  St. Lucie County, Martin County, Indian River County and northern Palm Beach County.

I will serve in other areas for an extra travel fee.  or

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